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Newbie: Adding a new gpu?


I had luck and i got 4 Geforce 1660 super for a really good price Its not super hashrate but for testing and starting right good … Complete rig cost me around 2000 .-

I will get the parts next week - I do a lot of reading and I think I will start with hive os.
It looks easier for newbies then doing it with windows

I have a few questions:

  1. Should i use all gpus with risers or should I use one gpu in the piceE slot on the mainboard.

2 Should i start hive os setup with all 4 gpus or for first with only one gpu (in slot or in riser) for testing everything and after testing adding the next 3 gpus ?

  1. Is it easy to add a new gpu to the rig ? I have space and watt for 6 Gpus, For now I will setup 4 Gpus, and when i see a Bargain will add next one . Just shutdown hive os ? Adding new card and start rig new ?

  2. Do i need a monitor for troubleshoozing or can I do everything online ?,
    When I use a monitor which hdmi output I will use to get screen ? (onboard ?)

Thanks dor help


  1. use risers sometimes a card blocks off a pci slot if you plug it into the mobo.

  2. Adding cards in Hive is way easier then Windows, it is not necessary to detect/configure them one at a time.

3)Personally I would not mix Nvidia & AMD cards on the same mobo , preferably all the same cards on one rig, difficult to achieve in the current coin price environment.

  1. Monitor & keyboard are handy…use onboard graphics. Type “miner” after OS has loaded & detected cards , this will display the mining operation can be useful for faultfinding setup.

Hope the above is helpful & good luck…:+1: