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New xmrig-new-mo crashes

Just tried the new xmrig update, and it is crashing. I get a segmentation error when it launches the miner. I switched to 6.19.3 and it runs fine. Seems there is a problem on 6.20

/hive/miners/xmrig-new/ line 25: 29570 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) ./xmrig
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The team is aware and will be looking into it, thanks for feedback

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Thanks, the new release works great

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@painting or anyone assist,
Apple Silicon M1, MacOS ventura 13.5.2 (22G91) version, still having zsh: segmentation fault!. xmrig 6.20 version
what are changes required to resolve this, please help

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Having this problem on XMrig-new-mo 6.21.0. Segmentation faults for the past 3 days. Could use some help.

Will look into it today