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New worker on 6x GTX1660 Super RIG. Newbe quiestion :)


I am thinking of adding a test worker that would mine a different cryptocurrency. I am currently using HiveOS on my 6x GTX 1660 Super rig. I don’t know much about the settings, because it has been set up by someone else, but I’m slowly trying to grasp it. At the moment the wroker is set to extract ETH in ethermine using the Phoenix algorithm (if I understand it correctly). This is where my first problem comes in - algorithms. I’m not sure if they are predetermined for each currency or if it’s the way the rig works. Can I set a custom algorithm like this, e.g. one with unmineable. com (KawPow)?
But maybe I need to change some rig settings, which I’d rather not do right now.

My worker setup

Hi there. Some theory first.
Miner (Phoenix in your case) can support more algorithms and one algorithm can be used in more coins.

KawPow algorithm is used in RawenCoin only. (I think)
Ethash4G algorithm is used in Dubaicoin(DBIX), QuarkChain(QKC), Callisto(CLO), Etho(ETHO), Ellaism(ELLA), etc…

Ok thanks for anserw. Can You check website called unmineable so you can better understand what I mean?
For mining ADA Cordano this website allow to use KawPow algorythm to mine ETH and automaticly convert it to ADA, than sending to wallet. Do you think it will work on my HiveOS when i only add new worker without changing anything inside rig? I mean inside OS.

I think that the simplest way is to install windows and use their miner.