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New web interfase, Miner not mining after reboot

Sunday morning rebooted my mining rigs, when tried to boot up again they started and by the fans noise they where working, but no hashrate reported in What must do I check to get them working again?

When checked via hive os webpage found that the webpage interface was updated and my miners show online and working, but still no hashrate into ethermine, I believed that all I need was to update hiveos in the mining rigs, but after the update they’re online and no hashrate, tried to hookup a monitor in one of my nining rigs, but the X server don’t let me see the real status or the mining rig (before I can type “miner” and see the hashrate and temps)
I decided to made a fresh copy of the diskimage into a USB flash and start from scratch, neither worked, so I tried by deleeting the miner rig in my mining farm list (I had 3 mining rigs into my farm, but only 2 where working, because the other was a test rig).
So I have a fresh hiveos install, a new mining rig listed in my hiveos farm woth a new flight sheet (whatever it means), and the only thing I can get is the rig is listed, loged in, but it’s not showing any hashrate not in hiveos web nor in ethermine

Anyone have this same issue? how do I fix it? there’s no documentation nor examples of the new hiveos system

It could be so many things, but without logs it is not possible to start troubleshooting. You should ssh into your rig and check miner, agent-screen and logs… that will give you some clues. If you can’t ssh, you can try and click on “miner log” in dashboard and see the result.

Hello, thanks for the reply. Unfortunatelly I have no idea on how to SSH nor any other kind of remote login into my miner rigs. The miner log button in dashboard don’t work, the only messages that I can get is at start, before the X server run.

I’m in total dispair because the ETH low prices and my mining rigs not mining, is there any install guide with this new hiveos 2.0 stuff? everything was working fine before the hiveos 2 update

Nothing has changed in regards of mining with Hive 2.0 - basically it is only GUI that has changed for miners. Client sw hasn’t changed a bit.

Miner Log should be working and after clicking on it, you will get a reply from the rig. Then simply click on that reply message and it will open a new window with the messages from miner…

Thanks again for answering my questions, the miner log command apears as “send”, but the miner rig never respond to it.
I formated again the USB that I use to boot one of my mining rigs, but it never start, it stays in the “_” screen, it haven´t ever get into the “setup screen” (where you confirm the hiveos server adress and input the RIG_ID, so I’m lost, the setup with I’m falimilar to can’t be done

FInally I made it work, but not without lot of WTF momnets… burnt the image again into the HD and the USB flash that run my mining rigs, create new .conf files for each one, deleeted the miners into the hiveos 2.0 web interfase, created new rigs, created new OC profiles and new flight shet and finally it worked…
Too much hassle, before all you had to do was create a new miner in web interfase and in the first run the mining rig asked you for miner id and password.