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New vs used?

Evening all, need some advice on first rig options, both options work out similar in setup in terms of costs, due to me having some parts already.

Option 1 mining ETH
4 × brand new zotac 1660 super, I am told run at 30mh each overclocked(is this the case? If so what overclocks acheive this?), so total 120mh. With a total system wattage of 420w @0.17kwh. This option is $30 a month cheaper on energy costs

Option 2 mining ETH
3 used 1080ti running at 42mh each, not overclocked (yet) total 126mh. With a total system wattage of 670w @0.17kwh.

Can anyone confirm new zotac 1660 supers can reach 30mh with an OC?

I am trading new versus used and also the on going higher energy costs if I go for the used option.

These are the options available to me based on parts at this moment.

Any advice and thoughts are welcome.

1660S are good cards. My first NVIDIA rig to test the water and I’m impressed with how little power and heat compared to my AMD rigs.

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