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New update [email protected] for SoC Clock?

I couldnt find SoC clock section at overclcoking tab in HiveOS.
Where should I look ?

Improved amd-oc (added SoC clock and voltage adjustment for Vega and Navi; slight code refactoring; OC log can be print with amd-oc log )

Yeah, new feature. I’m also looking for some insights from experts. :blush:

you have to go
yu cannot see this new option at

Very nice update im -30w on 6 5700s rig. SOC 1100, SoC VDDmax 980.

Waiting for the settings and power saving reports by using SoC clcok

Interesting, one of the rigs just got LA climbing up till it’s offline. I’ve returned to the older version for it to work.
The rest I’ll play with tomorrow.

Thank you

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