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New to Mining RVN - Overclock Suggestions

I just started mining RVN and I’m looking for some suggestions on my OC settings.

I have the following cards

  • 1 - 2060
  • 2 - 2080
  • 3 - 1080 ti

I think the MH are ok, but I feel like it’s using too much power.

If I try overclocking the 2060 my MH immediately drops to 11-13 MH. I have tried multiple different “popular presets”.

If I try overclocking the 2080s my MH drops to around 20-21 MH. I have tried multiple different “popular presets” as well.

What are your thoughts? What should I change?

first of all use absolute numbers.
then again you are probably using ETH presets right?
For raven more important is the core setting. Use the ETH OCs, then reduce a bit the memory and up a bit the core clocks.

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Agreed, my best results are all with absolute core clocks, not sure why so many people are still using offsets.

Hows the temp going? With raven i bet they heat more.

They do run hotter, here is one I have running by itself in a small open rig

This one is a 3060 in a open bench workstation, it is a msi gaming x, these run surprisingly cooler than you would think (has 2 fans), it runs about 41C on ETH with 60% fan

I do not own any of these model cards, but when I get a new card I usually take these steps:

  1. start miner at stock settings and let it run for about a minute
  2. Lower core clock as low as you can. When you go too low and get a big drop in hashpower, go back up to the most stable setting. Maybe try 1500 first and go down from there.
  3. Start overclocking memory. Most of my cards are overclocked from 2100-2500 on the memory. Do keep in mind I tune my cards for maximum hashrate. Most of my cards have been mining eth at these settings since early January.
    Here are some of my cards so you can see the settings, these are all mining eth now (except rx570 is ravencoin), but the settings would be similar for raven.

These are RVN Presets. I’ll try what you recommended with the ETH OCs. How do you change between absolute numbers vs offsets?

I just used the popular presets. I’ll give it a try to use absolutes

Thanks I’ll give this approach a try

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your rvn presets are all positive? i have core slight positive and mem negative for rvn on a 2060 super …
this presets all seem like eth !? only wattage seems like rvn :stuck_out_tongue:

Wondering your normal 2060 is running on 18,5 in stock preset - even my super dont on stock

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I’ve updated my settings, my MH dropped a little but I am using significantly less power. What do you all think about this compared to my original settings?

heres my settings for 1660ti and 3060ti. anyone else got better results please do share. thanks.

Sorry for the late reply, here is a great video explaining absolute core clocks:

I’m just a noob, so this is the first day settings I found for my 8x Gigabyte 3060TI LHR

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