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New to Hive OS

I setup a Flight Sheet to mine Eth via ViaBTC with Ethminer. I have been hashing at 733MH for over 2hrs. Is there a way to check real time earnings (I am use to monitoring via my wallet address on HivePool and Etherminer)? help

Can someone help me find how my rig is performing on ViaBTC. After 17hrs, I havent been able to monitor if the rig is making money while hashing at 733MH. Is there a way to check on ViaBTC - simisr to checking the wallet address on other pools. I am new to Hive OS, and mining on ViaBTC.

I have the same problem. It looks like you need to enter somehow the worker name and password in the miner config. I am using Phoenix and TeamRed miners but couldn’t get with a proper config that will show up my numbers on ViaBTC.

Thank you for responding to my question. I tried the same as you - no luck either. I got nervous and jumped to another pool; I was concerned that I was hashing for no gain. It is too bad - currently ViaBTC looks like a good pool. If you continue mining in this pool, please let me know if you get paid out, or figure out how to monitor. thanks - Sean

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I managed to make it work by changing the PhonexMiner and TeamRedMiner configurations, please check the screenshots attached.
Basically, you need to copy your ViaBTC username and paste it as the wallet field in your miners. The worker name is irrelevant, you can choose your own.

According to minerstat, ViaBTC is the highest paying pool right now, but it might have some issues, as I see a constant change in my hashrate on ViaBTC, while the system is super stable on hiveos.

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