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New system login

Sérieux vous êtes complétement con ou quoi ? Vos serveurs déconne plein pot depuis 3 jours et là vous changés le système de login ? ET en plus votre service est payant ? Mais c’est du gros foutage de gueule !!

Putain même moi j’aurais pu faire partie de la team hiveOS en fait tellement ils sont tebé…… :joy:

Alors la trop fort, je me logue sur la magnifique nouvelle interface dont on s’en bat les couilles, connexion…. et paf

Tu tombes sur ca !!!

C’est du 2FA 2X nouvelle génération, si t’arrives a te loguer tu gagnes le droit de te loguer.

Ca s’appelle l’évolution, et ce qui fait plaisir c’est que le service est payant !!! BRAVO

Ca vous écorcherait la gueule d’écrire quelque “MAINTENANCE PREVU DE Xh à Xh tel jour ?”

La base c’est la communication sinon ce concept communautaire ne sert a rien.
Une migration vers la concurrence est fortement envisagée bande de blaireaux !!!

No one paying attention to announcements or warnings on the page lately.

🚧 Scheduled maintenance
⚠️May 9, from 3PM till 8PM GMT+3

registration of new users and modification of existing profiles will not be available
The web interface may also be temporarily unavailable We strongly recommend not to start any work on your hardware during this period

— Hiveon (@hiveonofficial) May 9, 2022

today we have May 12, not 9. Today the maintenance should be finished at 9PM (GMT+3) and it’s already after 11PM (GMT+3)

It was announced days ago and Yes, it was extended slitpghtly. To stay up to date please follow the official Facebook page, telegram, twitter or blog.

:construction: Scheduled maintenance

:warning: Maintenance work has been extended until May 12, 23:59 (GMT+3).

During this time, registering new users and modifying existing profiles will not be available.
The web interface may also be temporarily unavailable.

:warning: WARNING: We strongly recommend that you do not start any work on your hardware during this period, as we cannot guarantee stable access to the system.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

En fait le forum il sert a rien ?

No it still serves the intended purpose.

And can we know if it will be fix today or…?

is it not working for you now?

No, still redirect on and that said my username/email/password is invalid

do you have 2fa enabled?

No i don’t have.

try clearing your cache or from another device

I did twice. Also tried to reset password. Never get the email.

Cannot join the discord either. I don’t get the captcha cuz there’s none. I am a bit pissed off

if you tried to reset the password then your old one wont work. check you spam folder for the email, or email us [email protected] and someone can reset it for you as well.

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I have enabled the 2FA and all codes that I wrote are not valid. No other way to log-in? I need to manage my rigs. Today is the 3rd day that I can’t access to my Hive Account. I sent email to support, but the problem is not solved yet.

Thanks your help.

Use google authenticator for 2fa instead of relying on your email provider. If you haven’t heard back, you can use the chat feature on or the official discord as well to have someone reset it for you.

ah je vois que ça parle français ici,
j’ai eu mon lot de soucis depuis plus d’un an avec hiveos dont pas mal pendant leur maintenance de mai, et je paye 30$ / mois… magnifique.

actuellement je suis déconnecté plusieurs fois par jours, je dois re-rentrer mail, mot de passe, heureusement j’ai pas besoin du code par mail à chaque fois.

c’est pareil chez vous ?

j’ai déjà supprimé historique / cache / cookies etc…

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