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New SSD not asking for rig id and not starting miner

Hi, any body has this issue? Solution?

HiveOS on USB thumb drive worked fine and asked for rig id first time OS came up. Then I reinstalled HiveOS on a much larger SSD. Now, every time I boot up, HiveOS ask me for worker id. I can only login as “user” and default. After I login, nothing happen. Shouldn’t a fresh install of HiveOS on a SSD ask me for rig id if first time login? If not, how do I auto-start miner? Is there something else that might be missing beside auto-start of miner?


firstrun -f - ask for for rig ID and password again

Yes! Thanks.

I have the same problem. My usb drive went bad, so I flashed a new drive. Now my rig Id and password don’t work with the new drive.