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New Rx 6750 xt hashrate

I would like to know if anyone has tried the new amd card and what results did it get. Will we have to wait for the various miners (teamredminer, lol miners, etc.) to make optimizations? Online I find very little about it.

It should be almost identical to the existing 6700.

Ok thank you. Because online I could find results on the 6950 xt, where it was 56mh/s, the 6750xt 40mh/s and the 6650xt 27mh/s. These results were a bit disappointing, as the memories should be faster than their old counterparts. I hope that they are wrong results and that the results are in line with the previous generation if not better. Because to try I took a 6750xt that I get on Monday

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The results I’ve seen do look lower than they should be as well. I didn’t pick any up as there are cheaper cards that are better by me. (Nvidia founders). Keep us updated on your results when you get it

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I have a reference 6750 XT and can’t get past 40 Mh/s. I tried the standard settings for a 6700 XT and that got me 39 Mh/s. I haven’t had the time yet to mess with the settings. Image is a 6700xt and a 6750xt both AMD cards.

Thanks for your feedback, I was hoping for better results. What miner are you using? I also see that it does not recognize you as 6750 but as 6700, perhaps with some updates they will improve …

teamredminer and I tried something else, I don’t remember what but it didn’t help either. My hope was in time software updates would make things better.

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I tried the 6750, unfortunately the maximum I was able to do is 40.35mh / s with 78w in software. Definitely disappointed, I put it in my pc and my 6900xt ended up on the rig.

I am about to buy one of the new cards but looks like there many different opinions. I am able to buy one 6750 and two 6950, the person who sells them says that he achieved almost 50Mh/s on cusom firmware but you are saying that 40 is the limit. Checking birefly and looks like here RX 6750 XT - the best coins to mine is similar result. Even better (almost 58) shows the minerstat (AMD RX 6750 XT mining calculator ⛏️ | minerstat). Do you know what firmware can improve? I cannot find any trusted custom firmware.

Drivers issue, you need 22.10.2 build to recognize the new chipset GPU properly, then of course optimization is needed (OC + latest miner build)

Hi, what firmware did this person use on the 6750? Because I have seen that the 6900 bios is modded on the 6950 and the hashrate reaches 63mh / s. I do not think they are convenient as cards for mining, at least not at the moment, we have to see if HiveOS and the mining programs will make any updates to improve the situation

I am using Teamredminer with R Mode enabled and I had I set the memory speed a little higher than what it was rated for. The R Mode does not seem to lower the power requirements any more than what I have it set for, but I still am tweaking it now that I got the other 6000s tuned down. The 6750 is GPU7 at the bottom.

You have to wait for a new AMD driver to fully support the card, actuallly AMD 22.10.2 is out just have a look at the changelog:

  • Introducing support for AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT, AMD Radeon RX 6750 XT and AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT
  • Introducing support for RHEL 8.6 and RHEL 9.0

Does anyone have any news or has managed to have better results?

Has anyone tried Ravencoin on these yet?

On dual mining ETH+TON the 6750s seem to be super fast on TON for some reason, like way faster than the 6700. I’m wondering how these do on RVN compared to the 6700s.

And yeah if anyone has been able to at least match 6700xt speeds on ETH let us know lol. (45-50mh/s instead of 40mh/s)

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