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New rig - Which components to buy - Risers, PSU

Hi guys, :wave:

First of all, sorry if this topic is not in the good section.
Second of all, sorry for my english. That’s not my native tongue.

I have already a small rig of 3 PowerColor RX 5700 XT on an ASUS B250 mining expert, with a 850w PSU of DeepCool 80% plus Gold and HiveOS installed on a 120Go SSD.
This rig use 350w at the wall.

I had the chance to find and buy 14 RX 5700 XT and I find a 1000w PSU from EVGA.

My questions are :

  • I can plug almost 11-13 cards on Asus B250 but I don’t find answer about a new bios to be able to plug more than this number.
  • which version of risers is good to buy ? I find 009s but does it means it’s better than 006 or 007 ?
  • I will not have enough cable and for sure enough power to plug all my GPU. What do you thing about this kind of PSU ? Does it work for the risers and GPU ?

Sorry if all those questions have been already ask. I didn’t find it on the Forum.

Thanks to all who take time to read and a huge thanks for your answers.

Also a big thanks to HiveOs for their OS and mining pool.


Hello, I can answer the question about server psu (HP proliant), yes it is very good and can alim cards and risers (take care where you connect the riser, and choos the right riser - no sata input, but pcie input-). you are just missing the breakout board. I bought this one : breakout board

and these : risers


Thanks for your answer.
I finally find PSU server but now I have to find the good breakout card, like you mentionned, cause the HP PSU that I found, is the 570451-101-HP.
And after some research, it means that this PSU is 80% platinum but HSTNS-PD19.
So it means to find compatible PD-19 breakout card.
Not that easy for the moment.
Thanks for the links.
I need 12 new risers, but I was thinking to buy more, just in case.
I was expecting to plug on breakout cards 6 GPU with 6 risers. So I have to buy 2 PSU server with 2 breakout cards.
And buy more cable for others gpu and risers for my current powersupply.


006c risers are also good enough, but if you can get 009 for a good price, why not go with the most recent ones?

I am running both 006 and 009 risers, both performing the same. just be sure to buy good quality PCIe cables

Hi, thanks for your answer.

OK let’s go for risers v009s.

How do you know how to buy good PCIe cable ? It’s when the seller mention the AWG ? Like 16 or 18 AWG ?

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