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New rig - when turned on, Hive can see it online for a few seconds and then looses connection

Hi, so what the title says.

Basically I’ve just build a new rig and testing it out with a single GPU just to see if it works before putting everything else together. The rig boots with no problems, I can see HiveOS fully load, if the flight sheet is set before booting, it even grabs that and begins to mine. The only problem I have is after a few moments the rig goes offline on Hive web, but it doesn’t stop and keeps on mining, also my screen connected to it shows everything as usual. The rig is connected via cable, so internet connection is stable.

Basically the problem is I cannot use Hive control panel, OC, update or whatever I would do because somehow the rig doesn’t connect to the app. Any ideas how to fix it?


Also, I’ve just made some changes, booted the rig again, same thing happened. I’ve took out the SSD for the rig and added to my desktop - I can see the changes I’ve made. Basically what is happening, is the rig connects to Hive for a moment, maybe grab some recent changes I’ve made while it was offline and then disconnects from the server/API/whatever.

I’ve also tried to take out the GPU just in case it has something to do with it. No luck, same happened.

So it disconnects from the api server but maintains connection to the pool?

Are you able to run net-test from the device when it disconnects and paste the output here?

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