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New Rig, nothing happens

Hi all, new to hive OS. I downloaded an image, cloned to a hdd with rawdiskcopy, copied the generated rig.conf from the webinterface and after boot rig shows up in my interface.

created a flightsheet for MPH-ETH with wallet as an eth wallet with account name from mph. started flight, nothing happens.

tried nicehash eth with btc adress. nothing happens. tried ethminer and claymore, still no success.

how can I troubleshoot? Im familiar with ssh/terminal, coming from nvOC system…

ssh into the rig and then start troubleshooting (default username / pass is user / 1). Type “miner” and it will show the console of the miner with real-time messages. Ctrl+A D will return you back to the shell. Check logs at /var/log. Typing “agent-screen” will show real-time communication between the rig and Hive servers (dashboard).

This should give you good starting points for troubleshooting.

You can try upgrading the rig to the latest Hive version. Type “selfupgrade” in ssh or click on version number in dashboard.

tyvm givo. I had a look at miner output:

what is wrong here?

since I can only post 1 image as new user:

miner config

Pool is rejecting connections. I suspect wrong BTC address in your “NicehashETH” wallet. Or maybe your IP address is blacklisted by pool for some reason…

Try different pool. Try with your ETH address.

for nicehash some miner special settings need to be configured
i have no idea about ethermine
but for phoenix miner there is specific Proto command number for Nicehash
also a claymore has another settings
it depends on the pool u r mining on

in phoenixminer, Proto 4 is for nicehash

this is my output after trying to set up claymore

this was a 2010 rtx. here is the conf:

tested a 1080ti and it worked so the rtx 2080 seems to be faulty…

i suggest you setup the flight sheet this way

and setup ur wallet in wallets page and select it in flight sheet settings

Check out my YouTube channel. Lots of help with HiveOS
Love the program, and love seeing new people using it.
DaveTech CA
on YouTube you will find me.

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