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New Rig - None of my 6 GPUs detected

Hello all,

New to the forum and hoping for some help. I have recently installed HiveOS with 6 GPUs (4 3060ti and 2 2060). I cannot get any of the cards to appear error free. I have so far gotten 5 GPUs to appear but they all show up with the issue Missing Card.

I have updated mobo bios. I have set all mobo parameters properly through numerous online tutorials. I have tried different risers, PCIE slots, USB cables, etc. I have updated Nvidia driver to 470.74 (HiveOS) won’t let me go any higher). All of this to no avail. Going on 16 hours of troubleshooting and its getting frustrating.!


Any help the fellow community members could give would be greatly appreciated.

Can you have it run on 1 card only, then 2 cards, 4 cards?
Try do it in steps. If you are new, start with 6 cards will give you a lot of trouble.

I have tried with 1 card and it wont detect it. I get the same status as I previously posted with 1 card.

Using mobo MSI 450 Gaming Plus Max.

Start with 2060. 3060 ti might be challenging. It might require different hive build or driver

Thank you. I will give this a try!

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