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New Rig Help Needed

A friend wanted to setup a mining rig to start stockpiling raven coin so i build him a machine on a btc-37 has 3x3070s (2 msi 1 asus) 1x 3060 ti (currently not working due to drivers)
the 3060 ti i disconnected for the time being.
the 3x 3070s all register on hive os and i got everything going upon setting up a flight sheet for rvn coin I hit the rocket (using t-rex miner) it launchs but the hashrate is N/A the gpus all have power and heat up slightly but nothing like when i used to run nicehash personally i cant find any solutions to this issues.
i tried gminer as well as a pool not on hiveon all the same result.

What am i doing wrong if anyone is able to help would be greatly appreciated im new to hive first time using it and im strugling to fix this we are going to add more cards but i want to get the current setup mining first.

whats the miner show? maybe poor OCs? need some more info/screenshots

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I can get screenshots and post them have not done any OC just base level run Iā€™m about to drive to the unit and il take some photos