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New RIG from a Newbie , upgrade on the road , Tips are welcome ;)

Hi Guys !

I’m new in the mining , I’m here to share my RIG with you and talk about it.

It is a budget RIG that i’ve made with second hand cards.

Currently It’s working like this :

I want to increase my hashrate so I’m going to :

  • Go to TeamRed miner for AMD and Phoenix for NVIDIA

  • Bios Mod the RX590

  • Set straps on the Vega 56

  • Push OC on the 5500 XT

I’ve some issues with this RIG :

-When I make any modification in OC the system crash

-My B360 Gaming plus motherboard don’t boot directly in HiveOS , with the error :“insufficient PCI ressources detected” but when I force the boot all is fine.

Thanks for reading and if you can Help me .

Have a good day

For 1070 Core 150+ Mem 1200 PL 130
for 1060 core -400 mem 1450+ Pl 110
for rx 5500 core 1100 mem 990 pl empty VDD 730 VDDCI 850
for rx vega core 1100 mem 900+ ( idont know about straps-you can play with this) pl empty
for rx 590 core 1150 mem 2050+ VDD 850+ pl empty (also i dont know about your mods) …
:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Thank you for your help ! I’m going to test this tomorrow.

For the moment with straps on the Vega ,bios mod on the RX590, and only settings on the 5500 :

If I can increase the Nvidias it will be cool.

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