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New rig build won’t boot

I’m new to mining and building a rig. Have a asus z490-p motherboard, 8g ram amd Kingston ssd. I flashed hiveos on ssd and when I power on, I get the asus bios setup screen. I make a few changes I’ve read other have recommend (4g encoding etc…) then save and reset. The system will power down, restart but not load hiveos. The screen will say No HDMI input from device.

I reset the bios and started from scratch but this time selected boot on main screen and it will load hiveos and show on web page displaying all my system components. Obviously I thought problem solved and now time to load GPUs. I powered down system and installed one GPU. Powered up and it won’t load hiveos again. Same no hdmi input.

What am I missing? Do I need to tell the MB which sata port the ssd is in? I’m new to this and am sure it’s something but lost on where to go. Any help would be appreciated.