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New Rebtech 2.0 Intel based motherboard issues and how to resolve them

One might be running into issue with “nvtool” error with the latest release HiveOS version:
[email protected]

the problem being that the nvidia driver included version being 470.86.
To fix this problem, install this version instead:
[email protected]

This release contains the nvidia driver version 470.82, which works fine with the newest Hive OS version (at the time of writing, being: [email protected]) and has no issue with the nvtool, and also works with the new VRAM temperature display which is being supported by many miners nowadays.

Also, a minor issue, under the individual worker page, the motherboard info is currently not being displayed properly:

which shows “Default string Default string (5.19 12/09/2021)”

Hope this helps!


I do have the v3 and all my 3060ti not working… Will show next to it malfunction. Tried multiple nvidia driver with no luck

Would 3090 TI work with this old driver?

hello, did you solve the current driver issue? still won’t work on high drives. ( 510.60.02 )

I too have 3060 ti and I contacted rebetch, there motherboard are not compatible with the 510 drivers. they told me to try 470, and I had no luck, I ended up getting another motherboard that supported 510 drivers for the LHR unlock, let me know if anyone has any luck better then mine, cuz I have two of these motherboards

I can confirm, 470.82.00 works on Intel Rebtech v3 with 3060 ti.

I manually downgraded the drivers to it.

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I also have two of these, the website could use clarification, as I thought the 470 limitation was just from their SimpleMining OS.

So this means it is a hardware/bios/cpu problem with the board not a software one.