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New private fast buck coin solo mining pool

I invite all to test my private buck pool with good solo mining speed and 0 % pool fees for hiveos miners. any questions [email protected]
The idea is not the cost of coins but how many you can mine it. I beleve in buck future. Now my proffit on buck solo mining not low than on eth or zec.
Solo mining is possible on 1 rig of above 1070 x6 card

Зачем создавать несколько однотипных топиков, засоряя форум, а потом жаловаться что Вас забанили. Продолжите в том же духе и будет вам “майнингклаб.инфо”

Plz don’t create several similar topics, clogging the forum, and then complain that you were banned.


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