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New Pool Fee Now?

My pool fee went from Free to .04/day … what the heck is that? That’s another attempt to get rid of smaller miners I guess? I setup everything on HiveOS to be FREE, so curious if there are new fees introduced.

This USED to say FREE … what is up???

can you post a screenshot of your payment history under the billing tab? that should answer your question.

Any update?

Wow, thank you for the follow up. Yes, looks like I have been paying all along, just noticed now. I thought it was free, but I’m paying in the OS tab of payouts I learned from your suggestion and I guess it started showing up in the .04/day box previously posted. Started on the 23rd last month, I just didn’t notice it … I assumed it was free with HiveOS pools, so my mistake. Coming from NiceHash, I am still getting to know your system so I adjusted my other posts to correct myself.


I’m testing a few things and have extra rigs that are on and off so I guess I am getting charged for all rigs when I test with those. I have funds in another account, can I transfer them to the account where I’m testing to pay the $2 before I am locked out of all my money?

yep you can transfer funds between farms.

Thanks, it’s not working so I’ll have to send in some USDC. I sent it a while ago and its not showing up, how long does i

t take? I sent in $50 USDC … I don’t want to get locked out, thanks.

My transfer is not being accepted at the address given to me in my account, I’m on the phone presently with my broker (sending the 50 USDC on mainnet ERC20) and they are saying they can’t get to the address you provided me. I don’t want to get locked out of my account over $1

Not sure how to get this paid, I thought it was a 5 minute thing.

If it’s not sending that would be on the other(your/exchange/wallet) end, not hives. Better to use ltc if possible though as it’s faster and has less fee

It’s a broker problem … naturally everyone blames every one else at first, until you hunt it down. Finally got them to admit it, BUT … I’m stuck waiting on them to fix it and I can’t get the 50 USDC payment out of the queue, but it is set to go once they fix it. Just need to extend my “LOCK OUT” on the account until it hits my account tomorrow. Can I do that so I don’t get locked today? Thanks!

Just send a little ltc to the ltc address, the fee for ltc is like .01 usd.

Its all in the SAME account, didnt think I needed multiple crypto accounts … TradeStation is trash … SCARY they can just shut you down and NEVER answer the phone … STILL on hold with them, 2 hours now.

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