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New Mobo and CPU and rig won't boot from SSD

To make a long story short, while waiting for a complete colorful h81 to arrive from overseas, I purchased a “custom gaming PC” to get me started. Said PC was equipped with a Dell optiplex 3020 and an Intel i5 4570. While not ideal, it got me started. Soon after I was running 6 GPUs on this setup but it was far from ideal.

I managed to pick up a Rog Strix 450F gaming mobo an a 3600xt and some DDR4 for a reasonable price. I broke down my rig and installed the newly assembled parts, but even after updating and sifting through the BIOS (legacy boot, not selected UEFI in SATA) I cannot get past the grub screen.

After Hive is selected, I have an underscore that flashes and nothing happens.

I put together the old Dell/Intel rig with one GPU in the case (planned on being a test rig) and it will mine and hash. So I don’t think its hive etch related as I moved the SSD with it.

Please tell me I’m missing the obvious and help me make up for 6 hours of lost mining.

yeah been a while to reply…
i ahve had this ona MSI B450 mobo, solved by plugging in a WINDOWS 10 SSD, booted from this,
shutdown and then the HIVE SSD and USBs worked fine


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