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New Miner Rig | Asus GTX 1050ti 4gb

Hi , i’m really new on this Mining , learning every day a bit , i buy my 1st card new but old category just for start with something , is a asus gtx 1050ti , i configure in Hiveos , and looks good but i still receiving bad hash errors i don’t know what happend , i disable the overclocking in the app but still , show me 14Mhs. any help will be appreciated.

-------------- 20210404 12:50:15 ---------------
Mining at, diff: 1.25 G
GPU #0: ASUS GTX 1050 Ti - 14.40 MH/s, [T:63C, F:32%], 0/43 R:100%
Shares/min: 0
Uptime: 1 hour 23 mins 5 secs | Algo: etchash | T-Rex v0.19.14

Podés probar minando en ethermine a ver si ahí tenés menos invalid shares

Try to mine on ethermine and see what happens

Gracias , do you know any good guide for Hiveos , using gtx 1050ti , ther is a lot of congiguration and limited information.

ni idea, buscá en éste foro o bien en youtube / try to search on this forum and youtube as well

sobre lo anterior, fijate si podés dejar “standart” la placa y ahí probar con el cambio a ethermine…, si funciona bien entonces te ponés a configurar y modificar valores incluso la vbios // about what you first asked for: take the card back to a “standart” state, and if it works then start modding the vbios and changing parameters

ok perfect – thank – i will

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