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New miner question

Hi, I’ve only just recently started mining couple months ago and was just wondering why the amount of shares has dropped in the recent past. I was trying to find something online but didn’t really find an answer and wanted to see if anyone here could help.

I am still mining the same amount of time and at the same rate as previously but now I am getting like 1/3 of the shares I got before

I am still going to mine and don’t even think its really an issue or anything I just wanted to see what the reason is.


A few contributors, but the big one at the drop time you posted:

  • Variable Difficulty was disabled and HiveOn Pool is currently running Fixed difficulty ~4295.
  • General ETH difficulty has been on the rise for some time.

If you are not familiar with VarDiff, you’ll find lots of threads and discussions in here. Just use that search function :slight_smile:

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The fixed difficulty change makes sense, Thanks !

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