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New Miner, New Rig, Rig is working, problem w/ remote access thru web

I have a minebox8 w/ a EVGA RTX 3060 (yes, i know…newb mistake) running and mining successfully at a screaming 28.822 MH/s ! I am mining ETH to hiveon pool w/ phoenix miner. site is showing all stats etc… however when i try to remote, I can’t get credentials correct. I know the default is user and 1. that doesn’t work…here is what I did on first boot.

  • Never even looked in BIOS, no GPU installed yet.
  • Keyboard and display only
  • 20amp 240 volt outlet is used
  • Boot up successful
  • I run command “firstrun -f” since it seemed best to do ! All videos I watched were for flashing an SSD and dropping in a rig.conf file, but my system has a built in SSD as far as I can tell.
  • it asks me something like “Set password as system?” Y/N I say “Y”
  • When I try Remote, choosing “Shell in a box” I am prompted for username and then password, but everything I try is a fail, how can I fix?
  • at some point after putting in a GPU, it asked me for a rigid… and I gave it the rigid and numbers it wanted from my hiveos/farm setup.
  • mining was happening shortly after with overclocks set decently enough from setups


Ummm, yeah, I resolved this by using the hive-passwd command.

THanks all

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