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New Miner: need help OC cards (5 - RTX 3600TI)

Need help overclocking cards. I haven’t got any error messages since copying someone’s other RTX 3060TI OC but I’ve seen a couple people say they can get 50-60mh and I haven’t been able to come off that.

I’m new to mining and have had my rig running for 2 days now.

Thanks in advance for the help! I really do appreciate it!!!

Yours appear to be LHR GPUs vs. some that have early and less common non-LHR:

Must be. So my cards are pretty optimized at 42-41mh is what you’re saying?

And what about the invalid shares on that one card? I’ve gotten 6 in a 48 hour period. I feel it’s a lot, especially all coming from one card. Is that a mining pool issue or my cards OC settings?


t-rex miner will get you slightly higher hashrates currently, try 1500mhz core clock and as much memory as is stable per card. could be anywhere between 1500 and 3000mhz.

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