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New, maybe late to the game but doing it anyway

Just about done setting up my rig:

ASRock Q270 Pro m/b
2x 750 watt Server PSU with breakout boards
will have 6 3070 Ti’s to start

Planning on running Hive OS with, looking for any help to get started, I am going to use a USB SSD guess the next step would be to set that up, then once the GPU’s get here will be time to power it all up.

Any help would be appreciated, with anything and everything.


P.S. don’t use too much tech lingo, as I’m not that comp savy, but I do know enough to build them. lol

It’s pretty straight forward, there’s a install guide on the main website that walks you through stuff. You can go ahead and flash the drive and get the rig all setup before the cards arrive.

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