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New Hive OS User, Missing GPU that show fine in Windows

Greetings. I’m 1000% addicted to mining. I’m 8 cards deep and counting. I have a BTC H110 and setup 6 GPU’s on it, with 2 PSU and risers, etc. It has windows 10 on the SSD and Windows sees’ all 6 GPU’s. Phoenix miner running with all 6 GPU no problem. I have a HiveOS bootable USB. When I boot into Hive it only sees 1 3080 gpu, the one that’s being used as the primary and plugged into the full PCI-E slot.

GPU’s are:
2 RTX 3080
1 RTX 2080 Super
3 5700xt

Long time windows/dos user. New to Linux. So not sure what the issue is.

I also have a Dell R11 with 2 GPU in it. RTS 3080 & 5700xt. HiveOS see’s both GPU on that system. So I assume it’s a BIOS or config issue on the BTC H110?

Anyone experience this before? Thanks in advance for your help.

RESOLVED: For anyone else encountering this issue, I changed the BIOS PCI-E settings from “auto” to Gen2 (Gen3 or primary). After that HiveOS saw them all.

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I am having the same issue. How do I find and change these bios settings? I am very new to mining and learning as I go.

Can motherboard bios be accessed through hive OS? I am running with no monitor or keyboard.

Solved my issue. Got my hands on a monitor and keyboard. Booted into bios after unplugging all cards. Changed pci settings to Gen 2 for everything and I see all my cards now.

Glad it helped. It’s strange in that I have another rig with everything set to auto and it sees the cards fine. Not sure why in this case it needs to be set.

Since we are not swapping cards to previous generations, I would assume this causes no issues and makes things stable.

I still have an issue where when the PC first boots, most of the time it only sees 3 of the 11 cards. I have to hit the mother board reset switch, and then it sees all 11 just fine. Would like to figure that out so I can do remote on/off reboots when the OS hangs.

Thanks for sharing the solution. Can you please provide the steps how you did that in bios? Thanks!

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