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New guy with questions and a T9+

New miner here in Tennessee. I am totally new to mining, but not PC’s and tech. Mainly Windows, but have run a few linux distros back in the day…

I picked up a t9+ that already had HiveOS firmware on it. I got it setup and running with a few hiccups, but updated the firmware to [email protected] and it seems good now. Right now I am getting Doge mining to Unmineable and it’s working fine.

Here’s the questions.

I bought an EVGA 1600 PSU and used that to test and setup everything. It seemed to run fine and I set it to the 3.6Ths overclock (underclock?) setting to help keep it quiet…my wife works at home and I plan on building a conditioned closet in the attic if I get serious about this. I picked up a HP1200W PSU off ebay with breakout board and cables. I moved it to my network closet upstairs (it’s still too loud in there) but I started getting hashrate warnings. Like Hasrate is 2800 less than 90% of 3600 and constant reboots every 5-25 minutes all day. I came home from work and put the EVGA back on and it’s working fine.

Is the HP PSU bad? I’m running on 120 volts and tested on the 3.6Ths profile it puls ~470 watts. I was wondering if maybe that load is too small for the HP PSU?? Not a big deal but I bought 2 HP PSU as I am also getting a used L3+ to play with and was going to put the EVGA in a PC. ( It was on the 3.6ths profile on the HP PSU. I overclocked it after I put the EVGA on and saw it was working correctly again)

Everything else seems to be ok, but I had some questions on the status page and what all these items mean.

Number 1 what does HW mean?

Number 2 What does ASIC status mean?

Number 3 What do the 3 number in load avg mean?

Number 4 I think I understand accepted/rejected shares. Is the % ok or does the invalid number seem high? Is there something on my end I need to do? I also have tried mining for a minute on Nicehash and these numbers were lower, but the % was still in the 97% range.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

Hw is hardware errors per board
Asic status means chip working condition. o is working x is not, one o per asic chip
Load average is a standard for Linux system load measurement.

I would try mining on a standard btc pool and see if you get better results as far as your rejects and invalids go.

Thank you. I’ve got a nicehash account created now, so I’ll switch and see what happens. I guess I should create a HivePool account too. So many accounts…so many wallets…so little profit…so little time! LOL

OK, so so I underclocked it again to just leave it at low power and run. It started with the errors again. I manually overclocked picking settings between the 3.6ths and 7.3 profile and it seems fine now. I need to go unplug it and plug into my watt meter and see what kind of power draw I am getting.