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New guy more questions on HiveOn Firmware

I don’t know if the web interface had an update or what, but I am getting weird temps when viewing my rigs. If I view the ‘workers overview page’ I get weird board temps.
I have a T9, L3 and S9 and they all are doing this. See pic:

If we look at the T9 board temps are 693.8 (OUCH) 644.3 etc. But if I click on that miner, when it opens up they read correctly. See below.

The t9 temp seems like a decimal place issue. The S9 and L3 don’t seem to be F instead of C which is what I originally thought.

Has anyone else seen this?

That number you’re looking at is the individual asic hash boards hashrate, not temp. Notice how it lines up with the total hashrate on the left side. Everything on your screenshots is how it should look and correct.

Awesome! Yes, that lines up for all 3 miners. Thanks!