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New Flight Sheet From 2+ Existing Flight Sheets?


I find myself having to re-enter the same data for new flight sheets. Is it possible to a create a new Flight Sheet from 2 or more existing flight sheets? If so, how? I don’t mean duplicate an existing flight sheet.


Existing flight sheets with only one miner configured per sheet:
“flight sheet 1”: Mining ETH with the ethminer
“flight sheet 2”: ETC, Cryptodregde
“Flight sheet 3”: MON, T-Rex

“Flight sheet 4”: will mine ETH+ETC+MON <— new flight sheet comprised from flight sheet 1, flight sheet 2 and flight sheet 3.

The dependent (new) sheets) to the component sheets (existing with single miners configured) could an entirely new sheet, independent from the component sheets, or linked - changes in the component sheets are reflected on the dependent sheets. Think of the linked method as the the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principal in programming. Hopefully I explained the concept in a comprehensible manner.

If it’s not currently possible, this would be a convenient feature to have. In my opinion, anyway.

may u explain please what u r trying to achieve ? what is ur goal ?


The purpose is to save on time, typing, and user typos by re-using previously entered information. It would be a feature of convenience - easily create multi-miner flight sheets from existing single-miner flight sheets.

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i still didn’t got ur point
i mean what are u going to use it for?

for example , in HiveOS u can create 1 flight sheet that run multiple different miners ( claymore , gminer, phoenix, miniz …etc) as much as u want as long, and the purpose for let say u have 4x amd’s and 4x nvidia in one rig so , u can mine ETH on AMD cards using Claymore and mine BTG on Nvidia cards using gminer , and u need to specify the platform or device number on each miner

i hope i explained it properly

Basically, it is simply to not have to re-enter the same custom pool/miner information in a new flight sheet which i already entered in another. So, e.g.

FS (Flight Sheet) #1 has 2 miners configured; BTC + ETH
FL #2 also has 2 miners configured; BTC + XMR

But now I want to create a 3rd FS comprised of ETH+XMR. I can duplicate FS #1 and remove BTC, but I still have to re-enter the custom information for XMR.

If however, FS could be created from existing FS, I could have FS #1 with only BTC, FS #2 with only ETH, FS #3 with XMR, and I could create the new FS from FS#2 (ETH) and FS#3 (XMR), and then simply specify which GPUs each miner should use. Think of FS #1, #2, and #3 as FS Templates or Master FS.