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New ASUS z370-a rig, low RX 580 hash (works fine in Windows)

Hello - I set up a new rig, did mod BIOS, but no OC settings yet. Getting 15-16 on ETH in HiveOS, but 29 on ETH in windows. Latest Claymore & latest version of HiveOS. Have 480s that are working fine in HiveOS, only big difference is the CPU (AMD in 480 rigs, Intel in this one). Did some research and saw issues with linux kernel & Intel (spectre), but I would have to believe HiveOS would have fixed this? Seems others have had the issue, but I haven’t specifically found the fix - hoping to find and fix it as I’d like to move our entire farm to HiveOS.

What’s your hashrate on original bios in hive os?

15-16, I figured the hash rate was low because I hadn’t yet flashed the BIOS, but alas.

That seems really low. What memory is it and type of GPU?

I figured this out. It was because in the BIOS I had followed a guide and set the PCIE cards to Gen1. Switching them to GEN2 fixed the issue. Stumbled on that solution because the wattage reading on one card was completely off (was reading thousands of watts consumed). Appreciate the help!