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New 3060 50 hash glitch (maybe)

So I seem to have a 3060 up with full hash rates and as far as I can tell no steps to get it to do so besides the fan doesn’t work at all on the 3060! I highly doubt that the power is only 43W too. I’m using a external fan for cooling. Just using team red miner and t-rex miner since it is amd and nvidia . I did notice the 3060 being full hash before I put my troublesome dell 3080 in the mix but I was swapping flight sheets around and I thought maybe the known fan glitch happened without ergo mining. I only have miner Ethereum. Putting this info out to maybe help figure out new ways to unlock the 3060. I have 2 more 3060’s and I’m gona add them on to see if they do the same 50ish hash.

My hypothesis is the amd card messes something up with trex miner and the other nvidia card forces it to full hash and somewhere in there the fan glitch is also in effect.

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