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Network Service Issue

Had some power fluctuations today and after shutting down then rebooting the rig I see within the logs that the
systemd-networkd-wait-online.service will not start. I can’t seem to fix it by rebooting. I’ve also disabled and reenabled the NIC but no luck.

How to fix?

Usually faster than troubleshooting, try flashing a known good/new drive with a fresh stable or latest beta image and see if the issue persists.

I had done that and the issue seemed to be fixed but a few hours ago today the issue happened again without any obvious reason. No power loss, nothing.
I’m going to reset my BIOS settings to see if that helps because I’ve also performed a CloneZilla restore which didn’t help. It seems like the OS is not the culprit.

Edit: resetting BIOS settings did not fix. I don’t know what to do other than re-flash HiveOS but this seems like it’s going to be an annoying repetitive issue.

Edit2: Discovered that the issue was with the 100mbps switch. Disconnecting then reconnecting the switch worked although I am not sure what caused it to not communicate with the rest of the network…

Here is the network typology from the NIC:
NIC > 100mbps switch > 10/100/1000mbps switch > router > modem

So far I changed it to:
NIC > 10/100/1000mbps switch > router > modem