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Network problem after reboot

I have a problem with my Lan/Wifi connections. When I connect my system to the router, it does not get an IP address. I need to run “systemctl restart networking” several times until it manages to bring the Lan up. also I have the same problem when the system reboots. If I connect the same cable to a windows system, it works right a way. I tried to set a static IP address inside “/etc/networking/interfaces” . still the problem is there, after reboot I need to run “systemctl restart networking” several times.
Any ideas?

Are you sure that the problem is not really with your DHCP server in this case on your router? Try changing the router and see if the problem persists, because Linux in this case HiveOS only takes the IP available through your DHCP Server.

Especially if your case is shared internet when your router already takes ip from another local router and not directly from the internet provider.

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