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Network issue when hiveos Linux booting on BTC S37

Hello everyone
I encounter a problem when starting my bootable key hive os Linux on my new mobo BTC S37, the RJ45 port suddenly turns off while the orange light is on and the green flashes when the mobo is turned on.
It is therefore only when booting hiveos that it stops …
Thanks for your help :pray:
Namely that with my BTC D37 that I have for some time, I have never encountered this problem.
Please help :pray:

never try connect network card with this mobo

what GPU are you running on btc37

its not a network card its the RJ45 directly on the mobo.
on this one i have two Vega 56 one rx 5600xt one rx 5700xt and one rx6700xt

Hi Korizanc,

I have the same issues with the NIC ethernet on motherboard. Would you share on how to solve it?
I tried a USB ethernet connector same issue.



Hi, is there a resolution for the networking problem?
I also have one but the network card is not detected, also not showing in hiveos and windows

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