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Network isn't asked when adding an address


there is something that bugs me: when adding a wallet on HiveOS, while you pick the COIN, address, name etc, you aren’t prompted to pick the Network like ERC20 or BEP20

(source seems to be optional and acts more like a label)

I have an ETH wallet on Binance, it apparently accepts deposit through BEP2, BEP20 and ERC20 as seen below:

Am I just worrying too much? Do ETH payments usually make it to Binance Etherum wallets?


Yes they make it but ETH is ERC20. So when you select ETH you cant select BEP20 network because its different network and coin.
So you have a wallent in Binance but now ETH wallet, Binance’s wallet supports various coins thats why you can deposit with BNB BEP2, BSC BEP20, ETH ERC20. If you want to deposit ETH you should select ERC20.

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Cool, I can sleep peacefully again :+1:

keep in mind that when you insert the wallet you have to insert its address. if you want to mine ETH you have togo to binance wallet and check which is your ETH address and copy it and paste here.


yes, that’s the address I pulled from my ETH balance in Binance, having selected the “ERC20” variant

(anyway, my ETH address on Binance is the same for both BEP20 and ERC20)

Furthermore, under Wallets, Hive OS is now able to pull the balance of my Binance ETH wallet, which is most-probably a good sign.

Thanks you for your valuable input once again, @rkulov !

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