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Netgear Nighthawk A7000 USB 3.0 Wifi Adaptor/Extender

I’m curious to know if this specific adapter or style of adapter have drivers that will load up in HiveOS?

The rig currently has factory onboard Wifi antennas attached to the motherboard, but we are trying to boost the connection signal & uptime consistency to the router with a more powerful adapter with the NightHawk adapter.

I’ve seen a couple installation guides for Ubuntu 18.xx, which Hive is based on, but don’t know if it’s worth the try to attempt it? Ethernet cable is an option but more difficult in this situation, and the default Wifi mobo antenna isn’t as strong of a signal as the NightHawk. I’m trying to reduce a little stale shares that I think could be related to a bad Wifi signal.

Any tips on how to detect and load drivers for a model like this in Hive or if not what would you suggest to better bridge a wifi signal, like a wall-in extender halfway between the Rig and main Router?


Honestly from my own experience it’s best to use Ethernet only because if it powers down and Wi-Fi won’t be able to remotely turn on unless it was connected directly to an Ethernet. Jm2c.

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