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Neoxa Mining

I am having issues getting TeamRedMiner to function mining Neoxa. I am mining Neoxa with T-Rex perfectly with my Nvidia cards. I mirrored the settings from T-Rex to TeamRedMiner and no luck. I tried a different port number for the URL and that didn’t help either. Anyone else having this issue? Suggestions?

What error(s) are you getting?

[2022-07-16 16:03:24] Pool authorization failed. (299 ms)

Does TeamRedMiner maybe use a different port or URL than T-Rex? Here is what I am using with T-Rex and it works perfectly. stratum+tcp://

I am trying to use both T-Rex and TeamRedMiner on the same rig. It has two AMD cards and one nVidia card. I wonder if that has something to do with it. I have never run into this sort of problem. I have tried to do that same thing on another rig and no luck.

that is strange, it seems like TRM works fine with other pools too. i would check with someone at that pool to see whats going on. in the meantime i would use another pool for that miner

I figured it out. You can’t mine the same pool twice with the same rig, even when using two different miners. Maybe you can and I am missing a setting, but I used one pool for T-Rex and a different pool for TeamRedMiner and it works great now. Thank you for getting the thought process going!