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How to miner NeoScrypt with Hiveos? SGMiner 5.5.5 not works for this algorithm

HiveOS CCMiner works for neoscrypt? (NVIDIA only)

It’s work … but it’s broken in sources. Wait for new release (new miner is coming)
more info

Настройки CCMiner под NVIDIA для пула

CCminer with the neoscrypt option (feathercoin, spk, Phoenix, etc) works great. SparksPay(SPK is about the only coin listed in HIVEOS coin dropdown at the moment so select that one to get the flightsheet started.

we used zergpool auto switch for neoscrypt and it’s mining around 7 out of 20 potential coins. (konjugate, trezarcoin, phoenixcoin, argentumNT, 01Coin, LUCKY, IQ Cash, Cerberus, GrandMaster, sparkspay, mogwai, gun, nyxcoin, vlog, gobyte, dinero linc, rapture, feathercoin, globaltoken.) You can send an extra param to only mine coin of your choice or let zergpool autoswitch.