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Needed support

i created an account on MyEthereumWallet and i set my miner to my address, the problem is i dont know how many progress i am doing, i am using ethpool to mine, and i know minimum payout is on 0.2, but how do i know how much it remains before payoff? i visited but it only show me the hashrate of work, it do not really show how much coins i mined so far, my concern is i missed something and i am mining without rewards

What is your hashrate bro? it’s SOLO mining pool. If has small hashrate you can’t finda block for many months

i have small hashrate at the moment i have only 2 graphic cards but in the future i wanna get more i am buying them

With a small hashrate, your chances to find a block closer to zero. It’s like winning a jackpot on a national-wide lottery.
You need to mine on pool PPLNS/PPS like Hiveon, Binance pool or so

soon i will have an hashrate about 180 is that good?

For SOLO mining? Sure not
With such hashrate only pool mining in PPLNS/PPS suggested if you want earn something

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