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Need your opinion for OC settings for different Nvidia Cards

Currently I am running 2 1070s and 1 1070ti. My settings are 0 Core clock, 1100 memory clock and 115 on the PL. Everything was running fine for about 3 days with 27 mh/s on the 1070’s and 31 on the 1070ti. Last night my miner crashed. I woke up this morning and tried to reboot everything but the 1070ti crashed again. My miner log shows GPU 0 (the 1070ti) at 0 for the hash rate. I have a 2070, 1080ti, and 3060ti on the way. I would like to iron out all these settings before hand so my rig can run uninterrupted. I have a MSI B550 gaming plus motherboard and a 1000W PSU with a AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU. I’m wondering if me running different generations of GPU’s could cause an issue. My GPU’s aren’t consistent because I’ve been jumping on deals as soon as I find them. I also have my fan at auto set to %60 fan speed with a max of %70. Could the auto fan be my issue?

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