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Need your Advice

Hey all !

am first time miner and i got 6 NVIDIA GPU runing and am looking to good Mh/s but also how to extend my GPU life, don’t want to overclock it to much and kill it in short time so please let me know if i should change something

temp is killing the GPU, lower the better in general!
so far looks like your temp looks great! fan is 70% which is within normal specs, in my opinion.
you can check the OC settings in the forum, but again, if somebody has 1-2-3-4 mh more than yours, but fan 80 and temp is like 10 degrees more - not worth it!

i am the same, and i am always looking for improvement!
Rely on reliability, not short term gains!

i hope i helped a little bit :slight_smile:

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Use these core settings (below) for all ur cards that apply.
Also id set set up the Auto fan to 50c, you dont need your gpus that cold, they run fine at 50c.
Running fans at 70% constantly is unecassry.

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