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Need to run 2 instances of the same miner (T-Rex Miner)

Hi Guys,
I am really missing the opportunity to create a flightsheet with two instances of the same miner. In special I am talking about T-Rex Miner, but I think this should be able for most of the miners. It’s great to create flightsheets with several miners. But at the end, at the moment T-Rex is the best miner for Nvidia cards (ethash) in my opinion. And because of that I would like to use it several times for different wallets.
T-Rex itself states that this is possible. I have checked this and it’s correct, outside Hive OS you can easily use two instances with different assigned gpu’s for each.

I really would appreciate, if you guys from @Hive_OS_admin could implement this feature.
And if someone out there would also like to have this feature, please comment on this post to get the most voices for it we can.

Thanks to all!

Thanks for your answer @nanial.
Maybe I miss something here, but I couldn’t find a solution to my problem (run two instances of the same miner → t-rex miner)…

I suppose you need two different wallets setup… Put your subject at discord channel…

Yes, thats the point I am looking for. I want to mine in two different wallets with the same miner.

I think you can do this… under the flight sheet you push (add miner) and write the second wallet address with the pool +miner_ …etc…
After this you must sellect under each miner setting (your cards to mining there) …

I hope u help u…

Thanks for your answer @nanial .
You can do this the way you said, but not with the same miner. You have to use two different miners. But I would like to use t-rex for both wallets, cause it’s performing the best at the moment.

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I’m sure someone out there has figured out how to mine from two GPUs to two different wallets/coins, but with the same t-rex miner… I also want to know. Please don’t tell me this is impossible.

Sadly, its impossible.
When trying to add a 2nd instance on the same miner, a message is shown: “Miners can’t be duplicated in same flight sheet”.
What i did, was to use T-rex for ETH, and Lolminer for ETC, indicating the device for each coin…

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