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Need to create a copy of TRM so I can run it 2x but get errors?

Ok, so I need to split up my cards to mine different coins 4gb RVN vs 8gb ETH vs vegas ERG. They are AMD cards and TRM is getting almost double the hashrate of other miners in some cases.

It will not let me run TRM twice so I want to copy TRM and create a “custom” miner with TRM under a different name.

I started out by simply copying the TRM folder and editing “teamredminer” to “teamredminer2” everywhere I could find it.

The issue is that when it tries to run I get an error saying it is already running?

What all needs to be changed to make hive think it is another miner and let me run TRM twice? Why does it think it is already running when I have it in maintenance mode and just rebooted?

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