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Need some advice on 5600XTs and messing with their BIOS please

Hey everyone,
I have 3 5600XTs on my rig, one is MSI with micron memory and two are Sapphire with Samsung memory. All were stable at 39.26Mh/s with ~70-80w consumption.
I am running 0.6-204@210608 with Kernel 5.4.0-hiveos #108

I have two questions:

  1. Regarding the two Sapphires with samsung memory (or dual samsung/micron from what i’ve seen online) code: 113-D1891011-O05
    It seems impossible to flash a new bios and get the cards’ memory recognized by hiveos.
    I tried both copying the 1550 VRAM timings straps to all the higher ones and this guide here.
    Both bios-es end up disabling my cards and they wont hash.
    I get an “Unknown GDDR6 message” on hive OS and need to reflash the original bios to get them back
    How can i get past that?
    I saw somewhere that i need to upgrade my hiveOS to some beta version, Could that work? and how do i do that?

  2. I was having the same behavior on the MSI/micron so i decided to flash the red panda bios.
    I managed to get it up to 43.9Mh/s - 100w but not very stable.
    I run it stable for 24+h now with these settings, at 43mh/95w

    My main issue is that the consumption is very high. I’ve seen people run at over 43mh with ~72w of power.
    Could you suggest OC settings to get something stable at that consumption, or is it just lottery and i should forget about it?

Thanks in advance for any input or tip.

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