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Need Install Documentation

I’ve tried multiple times now to get HiveOS to install and I haven’t been able to get it to work.

  1. I used Etcher to write the hive-flasher image to a disk.
  2. I unpacked the Hive OS image file to the resulting disk in the main directory
  3. I went on to the site to get the FARM_HASH value to enter into the rig-config-example.txt and saved the file as “rig.conf” in the same directory. This part is unclear because the documentation says nothing about saving the file as rig.conf but the file itself says you can save it as “rig.conf”. In any case, nothing happened either way I saved it.
  4. I booted the disk (headless) and logged in on my Mac via ssh
  5. Nothing

I did this twice and I rebooted several times, found the location of the hive OS image file, and even hooked up a screen and keyboard to check my BIOS settings and it did give some error like “No other” something…

Is it not possible to install this headless? Do I need to do something locally to get it to work?

I just want to say that I have a farm with hundreds of ASICs and I think the documentation is kind of a joke for the amount of money you want people to pay. Nobody in their right mind is going to pay $200/month per 100 ASICs especially when there is zero support or documentation…

I mean, I paid a one-time license for Awesome Miner and was able to use it in multiple locations and when I had questions they replied right away via email and I was able to upgrade at no cost. In the HiveOS dashboard there isn’t even a way to contact anyone so essentially it is 100% self-supported. You might want to devote some resources towards understanding your customer instead of focusing entirely on development because you will lose a lot of potential customers who aren’t in a position to waste hours and hours of time trying to make your software work, especially in the current low profitability environment.

I’m about to just give up on this because these miners that I’m setting up for HiveOS generate little to no return and I just use them to keep my house warm in the winter. I already have other miners running Windows and ethOS with no problems but I thought I would give this a shot.