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Need help with RX480 and RX5700XT

Hello friends
I have now also built a small farm. Now I am looking for optimizations.
At the moment I have the following setup.
Maybe someone can help. Please remember I’m still a noob :see_no_evil:

Unfortunately, I can’t post screenshots.

So my setup for Rx5700xt:
Core: 1100
Vdd: 680
Vddci: 800
Mvdd: 1300
MEM: 910

The three Rx5700xt have a hash 45mh per card.

My setup for the 2 rx580 8g
Core: 1150
Vdd: 800
Vddci: 0
Mvdd: 0
MEM: 2050

Here is the hash 25,5mh per card.

I am very grateful for any help. Excuse my grammar. My English is not perfect.

The rx580 are they bios mod?

All graphics cards are still original. I haven’t found a good guide to make a mod yet.

What good guide dude? Its simple. Download the stock bios from the gpu, open it with polaris bios editor and mod it with the one click function. Then save it in your PC with different name and finally flash it back to the same card. Keep in mind that you always have to keep the original files somewhere as backup. Also when you want to flaah the bioms back to the gpu make sure you have stopped the miner.

Thx bro, It’s simple. My rx 580 now makes 29.50mh at 112w with phoenixminer.

In hiveos you can do it yourself! Just watch that you need to stop worker, and have a dualbios card if anyithing goes wrong. 114w seems a bit high for me. Dont get me wrong, its all nice, and hashing, but i have my 480 8gb eth mining 27.5mh, original bios, and 91w. More i can see 580 79w with 30-32mh. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: so need t flash another bios to it, but your cards are 580 (8 or 4 gb?) and could hash more, and consume less. are u using amdmemtweak --ref for memory
timing optimization? :slight_smile:

So it’s RX480 8gb cards. With the original bios, the cards make 24mh at 81w. How can I activate amdmemtweak - - ref. Sorry if I ask so stupidly.

These cards are both BIOS modded and with Samsung memory, so check memory manufacturer before using same memory overclock

So I think the result of the rx580 should be okay.

Now I have to manage the rx5700xt properly.

First of all, thank you very much for your help.
The result is decent.

Is there still something to be done about the watt number?

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