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Need help with hiveos with amd cards setting up

Hello so I have 10 card rig 7 amd and 3 nvidia
The amd cards I can’t set Dan speed and always get a message amd oc failed!
Amd also on the overview page it doesn’t show temp fan speed or watts
I’m confused what did I do wrong anyone please help!


what models are the AMD cards exactly? I see it doesnt recognize it correct. They are all bios modded i presume .

4 rx5700. Bios modded

3 rx5700xt. Not modded

for 5700XT version try using these :1300core, 750mV, powerlimit 0%, 1800mhz memory with default bios. them you can tweak a bit the OC, set fan speed to 50% and see how the temps go.
if its not stable you can change a bit the settings but keep in mind that you cant raise too much the core and the memory without needing to raise the core voltage and memory voltage. they are connected. try with small steps and see what happens. you can test even on the 5700s

Problem is I can’t set the settings
It’s always amd oc failed and Dan can’t be set also

I think the problem is the way you have your rig set up. I mine on mixed rigs with Nvidia and AMD cards and it’s very peculiar the way you have to set it up. You have to set your Nvidia cards all in a row in a certain number of slots and your AMD cards all in a row so that way they’re not all mixed up. And then you have to go to your flight sheet you set up in your miner and then at the bottom add a miner and run a second miner for your AMD cards, so, I run NB miner on my Ethereum cards and team red miner on my AMD cards and I’ve never had any problems. But I only have 5700XT and the rest are 580s, all of which have been bios modded by the way, and some 1060s 1070s 1080s and some 2070s. But the drivers do not like to work together in the same miner that’s why you have to run separate miners for them.

If you don’t mind me asking what type of motherboard and operating system are you running?

HiveOS duh! I think what I was trying to say is that AMD drivers come installed by default on Linux, whereas in Windows you have to go and manually install them or let Windows auto install them whenever you plug the card in and boot up with it for the first time. Linux is the opposite, AMD works by default and Nvidia you have to either choose the proprietary drivers or the open source drivers which are nowhere near as good as Nvidia’s proprietary drivers,which I believe right now are version 465 or so. But HiveOS has both of these installed by default and bundled into the ISO file.

it has them preinstalled yes but you can easily change to different versions of the drivers. Its a linux so with commands in the terminal you can do what linux can.

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