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Need help setting up my 6600xt

I’m using team red miner

Check this

Core: 1100
Memory Mhz: 1100
Core undervolt: 625
MVDD: 1300

i tried your settings, but this failed.

this is mine, with 55W @ 32,8MH

Different Cards, needs different settings. :wink:

Settings of XFX are at the limit. This is not recommended… :smiley:

okay, so i need some help to understand.

MVDD = Memory Voltage
MVDDIC = VDDCI = Memory Controller Voltage
is that right?

I understand how Core Clock, Memory Clock, and Core Voltage work, but how do i have to understand Memory (and M Controller) Voltage?

Whats about SoC, is there somethink to tune?

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